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Luis Gerardo Garza Cisneros better known as Chetes, was born on September 19, 1979 in the city of Monterrey, Nuevo Leon. He began his musical career at a very early age as a singer, guitarist and composer in the rock band Zurdok Movimento, precursors of the so-called Avanzada Regia, with whom he recorded three albums. In 1997 they signed their first record contract with Polygram, releasing their debut album called 'Antena', followed by 'Hombre Sintetizador' in 1999, from its release Chetes takes the place of official singer of the band now called 'Zurdok' and in 2001 they deliver their final work called 'Maquillaje'. After their breakup as a group, Chetes and Maurizio Terracina (Zurdok's bass player) invite Rodrigo Guardiola to participate in a project called 'Vaquero' and make their first homonymous album, with songs composed in English. In 2005, EMI Capitol Mexico, offers him a record contract as a soloist and in 2006 he releases his debut album 'Blanco Fácil' recorded in Nashville, Tennessee and produced by Ken Coomer (ex Wilco drummer). The album includes singles such as 'Que me Maten' and 'Poco a Poco'.
Their first cut 'Completamente' was nominated for Best Rock Song at the Latin Grammy Awards.

In 2007 he also released a couple of important collaborations with Amaral doing a cover of 'Si tu no vuelves' by Miguel Bosé and a duet with Emanuel del Real of Café Tacvba, titled '16 de febrero', both songs were included in the film productions 'Efectos Secundarios' and 'Fuera del Cielo' respectively.

En 2008 regresó a la ciudad de Nashville a grabar su segundo álbum como solista ‘Efecto Dominó’ del cual se desprenden algunos de sus éxitos más escuchados como ‘Querer’ y ‘Efecto Dominó’. Al igual que con su disco anterior, fue nominado por Mejor Álbum de Rock en los Latin Grammy Awards.

Two years later, Chetes composed the songs for what would be his third solo album called 'Hipnosis', a self-produced and independently released production, which in 2010 would be nominated for a Latin Grammy in three categories, including 'Arena' as 'Best Rock Song'.

In 2012, he recorded a 5-track EP, called 'Cardio Sapien' produced by Alejandro Rosso, from which the single 'Grados Bajo Cero' was released.

In 2014 Universal Music Mexico proposed him to make a comeback with his first band 'Zurdok' which would include a tour in the most important festivals in the country and an unreleased single of his authorship called 'Azul Oscuro' which would be added to the box set collection called 'Gran Salto 1997-2014'.

He concludes his participation for the expected return of Zurdok and enters the studio to produce his fifth solo production called 'Stereotipos' released in 2015, which includes singles such as 'Ella', 'Sueños Perfectos' and 'Agujero Negro' and 'Flotar' among others.

In 2017, Chetes is already celebrating 20 years of artistic career as a singer, guitarist, composer and producer, and he is celebrating in a big way, recording an album of hits, totally live from the Metropolitan Theater in CDMX titled 'Chetes 20 Live' CD + DVD with special guests such as Alejandro Rosso from Plastilina Mosh, Gil Cerezo from Kinky, Jay de la Cueva from Moderatto, Rodrigo Guardiola from Zoé and Meme del Real from Café Tacvba among others.

Their most recent production to date was released in October 2019 (months before we were rocked by the pandemic) their work was titled 'Odisea Magnética'. A concept album that defends and bets on an analog aural and visual aesthetic. As an independent producer, he decided to record the entire album on tape in a 16-track recorder, thus highlighting a sound that, unlike the 90s, is no longer heard today. The peculiar and very different way to how it is recorded today, is captured in his documentary 'Detrás de la Odisea' released on his youtube channel (Chetesoficial) in August 2020, recorded and directed by his wife. The documentary portrays the recording process, his limitations and his commitment to analog sound, as well as very intimate moments inside his studio in Monterrey.

And to surprise us in difficult and uncertain times, at the end of 2020 he produces his first unreleased Christmas song. I had always had the curiosity to compose something like this, but I never had the courage, but I was inspired by my children and this song came out' so 'Llegó la Navidad' song released on all digital platforms, composed and produced by the regiomontano, came to stay with very good acceptance of his fans and new audience that definitely touched with its lyrics of optimism and good vibes.

Chetes takes advantage of the confinement starting in 2021, to get inspired, compose and start recording what will be his next material. With more than 20 years of career, we know that what is to come from Chetes will be worthy of an exponent of music with a lot of experience but above all talent to spare.

- Multi Latin Grammy nominee for his albums 'Blanco Fácil', 'Efecto Dominó' and 'Hipnosis', and his single "Completamente" in the category of Best Rock Song.

- In 2010 he participated in Zoé's MTV Unplugged 'Música de Fondo' and in the concert tour of the same album that was extended in Mexico, United States and other Central American countries.

- His talent as a composer and producer has led him to work with artists such as:

Zoé / Jumbo / Carla Morrison / Meme del Real / Benny Ibarra / Belanova / Amaral

- He has performed in the most important music festivals such as:

Vive Latino / Machaca Fest / Hellow Fest / Corona Music Fest / Día de las Juventudes / Pa'l Norte / Festival Santa Lucia / Among others.


- Blanco Fácil (2006)

- Efecto Dominó (2008)

- Hipnosis (2010)

- Cardio Sapien (2012)

- Stereotipos (2016)

- Chetes 20 Live (2018)

- Odisea Magnética (2019)


- Antena/Zurdok (1997)
- Hombre Sintetizador/Zurdok (1999)

 - Maquillaje/Zurdok (2001)

- Box Set Gran Salto/Zurdok (2014)

- Vaquero (2003)


• Zoé, Rocanlover (2003) Track “Love” Co-Production, Guitars, Vocoder, Choirs, Theremin, Keyboards

• Benny Ibarra, Llueve Luz (2003) Track “Realidad” Composer, Electric Guitars, Keyboards

• Cecilia Toussaint, Otro Lugar (2004) Track “Otro Lugar” Producer and Arrangements

• Erik Rubín, Erik (2004) Tracks “Malas Intenciones” and “Ya Nada Es Igual” Producer, Guitars, Bass, Keyboards

• Benny Ibarra, Así (2005) Tracks “Te Me Escapas” and” A Veces” Composier, Guitars, Choirs and Producer

• División Minúscula, Defecto Perfecto (2006) “Sognare” Keyboards

• Homenaje a Pedro Infante “Enamorada” (2006) Producer, Guitars, Keyboards and Vocals

• Aleks Syntek, Lección de Vuelo (2007) Track “Entra” Composer

• Tributo al Mas Grande (2007) “Te Quise una Vez” Producer, Vocals, Bass, Guitars, Piano and Keyboards

• Timbiriche, Timbiriche 25  (2007) Track “La Vida Es Mejor Cantando” Producer, Bass, Keyboards, Guitars

• Zoé, 281107 (2008) in “Deja te Conecto” and “Love” Acoustic Guitars and Choirs

• Hello Sea Horse, Bestia (2009) Track “Siberia”- Acoustic Guitars and Vocals

• d3NdRON, We Come in Piece (2009) track “Airwolf” – Theremin

Caifanes/Jaguares V2 Tribute (2010) “Debajo de Tu Piel” Producer, Vocals, Guitars, Bass and keyboards

• Panorama on (2010) Project Alejandro Rosso - Acoustic and Electric Guitars

• Niña Remixes EP (2010) “Willie Nelson Hemp Version” – Remixer

• Quiero Club ”Música” Single (2010) Pop Version, Rhodes Recording Ingineer, Acoustics Guitars

• Zoe, MTV Unplugged (2011) Guitars, Mandoline, Piano, Choirs, Vocoder, Banjo, Wurlitzer

• Zoé-Energia Single 2011, Acoustic and Electric Guitars and Choirs

• The Volture, Sigue Hablando EP (2012), Track ‘Sigue Hablando’ Vocals

• Sussie 4 + Francisca Valenzuela, Mucho Corazón, Theremin

• Clemente Castillo, Eureka (2016) Track ‘Cápsula’ Vocals

• Mexrrissey “No Manchester” (2016) Bass, Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals

• Vanessa Zamora “Hablas Mucho” (2018) Single - Vocals and Choirs

• Belanova “En Tu Mirada” and “Mil Poemas” (2018) - Composer


• Efectos Secundarios Soundtrack “Si tu No Vuelves” (2006) Vocals and Guitars

• Efectos Secundarios Soundtrack “Regresa” (2006) Composer, Vocals

• Fuera del Cielo Soundtrack (2006) “Silent Passenger” Composer, Producer, Vocals and All instruments

• Fuera del Cielo Soundtrack (2006) “16 de Febrero” Composer, Vocals and Guitars

• Zurdok, Amores Perros Soundtrack (2000) Track “ Una Vez Más” Composer, Guitars, Vocals, Keyboards